Over the last few months I’ve discovered a real love for pinky-toned eyeshadows, I’m constantly on the look out for more and I when I spotted this lil’ beauty I couldn’t resist not adding it to the collection…

This eyeshadow consists of everything you could ever dream an eyeshadow to be(!!) First of all, its weird cream/powder hybrid texture means that it’s suuuuuuuuper quick and easy to apply – which is great if (like me) you’re in a rush to get ready most mornings but wanna make it look like you’ve at least made a lil’ bit of effort with your makeup. The powder aspect of it means that it’s megaaaaaaaa long lasting and doesn’t smudge or melt off ya eyes during the day like a lot of eyeshadows do.

Last but certainly not least…The most important factor when picking an eyeshadow – The glitter factor. This is by far my fave thing about this collection of (and all) eyeshadows, they’re all ultra glittery pigments meaning that your eyes can sparkle to your hearts content… What more could a girl want?

Jade x



So the other day Mum and I were strollin’ through TK Max when I stumbled upon this beauty… A dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette… For £6.99…That’s right, you heard me… £6.99!!!! I’ve been eyeing up the Naked 3 for soooooo long now and even more so recently as I’m (heartbreakingly) coming to the end of my Naked 2. Admittedly, I’ve been avoiding making the purchase due to not wanting to part with the cash for it but when I saw this I couldn’t walk away from it, it seemed too much a perfect opportunity to leave behind. It is by Bella Pierre Cosmetics and is the XII Go Natural Palette.


Although there is an obvious lack of pinky tones in comparison to the Naked 3, you cannot argue there isn’t a strong resemblance between the colour palette. This palette is a touch darker and slightly more golden than the Naked 3, but for £6.99 beggars can’t be choosers eh? Unlike the Naked palettes where each shade is strongly pigmented, the first few shades aren’t so. This could be down to the fact that they’re matte shades and perhaps need more building because O-M-G(!!!!) the rest of the glittery shades are STUNNING. The pigmenting in them is a solid 10/10 and the colours are beautiful! I wore a combination of the colours yesterday for V-Day and they stayed on all day which is awesomeeeeeee. I 10/10 recommend you this palette, it’s brill and if you’ve been eyeing up the Naked 3 like me but not willing to pay up, defo look into getting one of these bad boys.


Jade x



When it comes to looking after my skin the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish has been my number one since day one. I remember Mum introducing it to me back in high school when the dreaded spots started to kick in and its been my holy grail of skin care ever since.

I got a Liz Earle gift set for christmas and have been absolutely loving my skin care routine at the moment so I thought I would share it with you…

Firstly, I use my Cleanse & Polish to free my face from all my makeup and any gerneal yucky-ness that I may of picked up on my face throughout the day. What I love about this cleanser is that it really does take off every last bit of your makeup, waterproof mascara? Not a problem! Stubborn liquid lipsticks? You guessed it… Not a problem! After I’ve massaged it into my face I take my muslin cloth and wipe (polish) all of the cleanser away and am left with refreshed, clean and glowing skin.

If I’m feeling fancy and have some spare time in the evening I’ll then apply the Intense Nourishing Treatment Mask. You leave this on for around 10-15 minutes and then wipe off with your muslin cloth. As I’ve got quite dry skin I always feel as though my face feels so much healthier and softer after I’ve used this, I love it.

Last but not least, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic. This is my ultimate favourite part of my skin care routine purely because it smells soooooooo nice. You just pour a little bit onto a cotton pad and wipe over your face to give yourself that “radiant looking skin” as promised on the bottle.

Jade x




DSC_0168.JPGTis’ the season for swapping out the pinker shades and replacing them with some warm reds and deep berry tones. I’ve recently discovered a serious lack of these ‘wintery’ shades in my makeup collection and decided it’s about time that I invested in a few.  dsc_0235My first discovery was a Rimmel London lipstick from the Kate Moss 15th anniversary Range. Initially this caught my eye due to its beautiful rose gold packaging that I must admit I absolutely LOVE. This lipstick glides straight onto your lips making it so easy to apply which is so great for those times where you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to faff over your lippy making sure it’s perfect. The shade I’ve gone for is no.53 ‘Retro Red’ and it’s this lovely vintage shade with a slight purple tone. The colour really makes your lips pop and compliments my pale completion perfectly.dsc_0248When I finished work the other day I was passing by MAC so I thought I would go in and see if I could find any lipsticks that tickled my fancy… I ended up finding about six lipsticks that I was IN LOVE with but managed to restrict my self and walk out with just two. The first being ‘Spice It Up’, a shade I would consider more of a  pinky, berry red rather than a deep red. Again, this lipstick just glides over your lips and leaves a lovely glossy (but not too shiny) finish. dsc_0239Last but not least I have ‘Diva’. This is definitely a lipstick that I naturally wouldn’t go for but I thought it was about time I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something new. It’s a very deep, berry red that is sooooooooooooo pigmented and admittedly quite hard to apply without extreme caution as it gets everywhereeeee. The plus side of this is that if you do manage to get in on perfectly without smudging it, it can last ages on your lips without you having to top it up throughout the day (or night). I’ve had to ease myself into this one, wearing it around the house a couple of times and I have to say I’m really starting to dig it. It contrasts really well with my blue eyes and once again, compliments my pale complexion – win win!

Jade x


Unfortunately for me I  am a member of the “Moon Tan Clan” and while some people are able to rock their pale skin I don’t feel like I am one of those so I turn to my trusty friend fake tan.

My relationship with fake tan however hasn’t always been a steady one, starting off back in year 10 when Mum said she would try out some fake tan on my face and let me go to school all orange and blotchy it’s safe to say I didn’t get off to the best start. Three years later however I feel like I have had a lot more positive experiences with fake tan and can finally say I have found some brilliant products that definitely don’t turn you into a tangerine! Again, thanks for that mum.

The Rimmel ‘Sun Shimmer Instant Tan’ is my go to product if I’m in a rush and need to do some last minute tanning. I go for the ‘Medium Matte’ shade as it gives off the perfect, subtle sun-kissed look. The one thing I don’t like about this tan is that it can be quite hard to apply, once its on the skin you have to blend it straight away otherwise it leaves a patch where it has been sitting on your skin for too long. The upside to this however being that you can go about your day without the fear of it rubbing off like some other instant tans do.

My latest discovery and new favourite fake tan is the Bondi Sands ‘Self Tanning Foam’ in the light/medium shade. I first heard of it on Instagram, so many people were raving about this “Australian tan” that I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself. Not only is this foam ridiculously easy to apply it actually smells nice too! On the bottle it is advertised as “Salon quality formula” with a “coconut scent” and let me tell you it is precisely that and priced at £14.95 you really can’t go wrong! if you’re going for a pricier and well known tan I would recommend St.Tropez!

Jade x