The Eyeshadow Dreams Are Made Of…

Over the last few months I’ve discovered a real love for pinky-toned eyeshadows, I’m constantly on the look out for more and I when I spotted this lil’ beauty I couldn’t resist not adding it to the collection…

This eyeshadow consists of everything you could ever dream an eyeshadow to be(!!) First of all, its weird cream/powder hybrid texture means that it’s suuuuuuuuper quick and easy to apply – which is great if (like me) you’re in a rush to get ready most mornings but wanna make it look like you’ve at least made a lil’ bit of effort with your makeup. The powder aspect of it means that it’s megaaaaaaaa long lasting and doesn’t smudge or melt off ya eyes during the day like a lot of eyeshadows do.

Last but certainly not least…The most important factor when picking an eyeshadow – The glitter factor. This is by far my fave thing about this collection of (and all) eyeshadows, they’re all ultra glittery pigments meaning that your eyes can sparkle to your hearts content… What more could a girl want?

Jade x

The Eyeshadow Dreams Are Made Of…

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