Urban Jungle Adventures.

Mum and I have been dyingggggg to go to Urban Jungle for months now and with it being “Sunday fun day” and all we decided to take a spontaneous trip and see it for ourselves… I’m ngl I loved every second of it.

We decided to head to the cafe before we explored as we were both MEGA hungry. You are surrounded by soooooooo many plants, it’s a plant lovers (my) dream.

On the menu is a variety of toasties and other light snacks as well as plenty of cakes to chose from. I went for a mozzarella and pesto toastie and oh my god… It was the sh*t!!! (I’m still thinking about it now). Mum opted for mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, red onion and cheese which she said were equally delicious. We grabbed some cakes to-go but unfortunately we scoffed them before I got a chance to take a pic of them, but trust me when I say they were super yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

After refuelling we went to explore and it really was like being in heaven. There are plants everywhere (!!!) There’s so many different ones you kinda wanna take them all home with you (or never leave).

Of course I couldn’t leave without buying a plant.. or two… (ok, three to be exact). Spending an hour or two here lost in all the plants was the perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon. I can guarantee we will be returning in the very near future!!

Jade x 

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Urban Jungle Adventures.

“Slutty Brownies”.

Over the last few years it’s become a tradition that when Maria and I see each other we bake cookies together and although using a packet mix may be considered cheating it’s turned into an inside joke between the two of us. Today we decided to spice it up a little and make “slutty brownies”. I’m not entirely sure why they’re called “slutty brownies” but I’ve been drooling over pictures of them online, dreaming of the day I’d finally get to make them…

(If you don’t want to cheat and use packet mix I’ll list a real recipe for them at the end of the post).

We didn’t exactly get off to the best start – If you’re going to be lazy like us and cheat then you’ll need 3 packets of the cookie mix, something that hadn’t actually occurred to us until realised we didn’t have enough to fill the pan… You’ll probably need two packets of oreos too because as you can see they were a bit on the sparse side.

The only things you’ll need for the brownie mix (aside from a few table spoons of water thats needed in both mixes) is an egg and some oil… Super easy, super quick and suuuuuuuper lazy – Love it!

Simply pour the brownie mix over the over two layers and put in in the oven for 15-25 mins… Using the packet mixes we were faced with a bit of a timing dilemma, the cookies taking 10-12 mins and the brownies 20-25 mins so we kinda just guess-timated how long to leave them in for. We thought we would make them a little more seasonal and switch it up a bit by sprinkling some mini eggs on the top too.

When we finally decided they were cooked enough and took them out of the oven we couldn’t wait any longer to cut into them so we thought it would be a good idea if I stood outside with them for 5 mins in the hope it would quicken the cooling process…

If you want crisper and somewhat neater slices than you are advised to leave them to cool for an hour, but like I said we were a tad excited about trying them and couldn’t wait any longer.

These totally lived up to expectations and were soooooooo yummy, whoever came up with this idea is an absolute genius, 100% will be making these again!!!!!

Jade x 

Here’s the initial recipe I found: http://whatsgabycooking.com/slutty-brownies/

“Slutty Brownies”.