Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Personally, I think on days like Mother’s day and Father’s day the gifts you give your parents should be on the more sentimental side. Hand making them a card and/or some art work I think is the most touching thing you can give them as it’s 100% from you. However, if you still want to treat your mama to a little something special but aren’t sure what, here are my top 3 go to gifts…

Earrings are probably one of my mums fave things to receive as a present (and mine too) so anything dangly and pretty is always a winner. Earrings are actually quite personal gifts, you’re picking out the pair you think will be loved by your mama and suit them the best judging them by the smallest of details. So when ya think about it there’s actually a whooooole load of thinking that goes into it, I know I spend ageeees picking out which earrings Mum would like the best.

Flowers are ALWAYS a winner, you can never ever go wrong with buying your mama flowers. They’re such a simple yet beautiful and mega appreciated present.

Now this one doesn’t apply to everyone but I know my mum has sooooooo much make-up (maybe a little too much) and it is everywhereeeee… I mean everywhere. So what could be better than a little organisation in her life? This makeup bag is soooo pretty, the pattern is absolutely gorgeous and I looooove it.

Jade x

Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

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