HP Sprocket VS Instax Mini?

After hearing about the HP Sprocket I was dying to try it out and added it straight to the top of my christmas list (yes, this blogpost is a tad over-due) however I have to admit I’m not 100% convinced I love this product and I’m not sure if in fact I would of been better off buying a polaroid…

Let’s start with the positives… The printer itself is no bigger than a smartphone and is SO lightweight so is mega easy to just throw in your bag and take out with you, which is great if you don’t fancy lugging around a considerably bigger polaroid camera. Taking approximately 40 seconds to print it’s super quick and(!!!!) the pictures double up as stickers which is really cool too.



One of the main reasons I’m a fan of this printer is the fun you can have on the app editing the picture you want to print, you can choose any photos from your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr (etc, etc…or just from your camera roll. Once you’ve imported it to the app you have the option to “enhance” the image, add a variety of filters, different boarders, text and stickers to your photo. My most used feature on the app has to be the boarders, I love adding the polaroid effect and I’m ngl it’s the main reason I wanted the printer in the first place. The stickers are another really fun element of the app, there’s different text slogans, shapes, accessories and more that you can add to your photo to mix it up a bit and make it a little more silly.

Now the negatives… I was so disappointed with the quality of the photos when I first used the printer, especially after all the hype on social media I’d seen about how great it was. I’ve come to the realisation that the photos either come out ridiculously darker than they originally were OR they are unbelievably pixilated and grainy which is a massive let down. For the price you pay for the printer (£119.99) combined with the cost of the paper (£10 a pack) I’m not entirely convinced it’s worth it.

Sooooo many of my friends have the Instax Mini polaroid camera and I’m starting to regret not getting one myself… Although, unlike the Sprocket you can never be sure what the pic is gonna come out like, there is a sense of spontaneity and uniqueness about it that I really love and I feel as though it makes the picture 10x more special and meaningful to have.

The quality of the photos from the Instax is suuuuch(!!!) an improvement on the Sproket and that alone makes me almost certain that I should of got an Instax Mini instead. When looking at the cost the polaroid works out being a lot cheaper, the camera being £69.99 (from Argos) and the paper around £8-10 (pack of 10 on amazon).

I guess it depends what you want from the camera really, if you want to have fun with your pictures and add silly stickers and different boarders but aren’t worried about the quality then the HP Sprocket is definitely for you! If you aren’t so bothered about the extras and like me are just interested in good quality photos to capture your memories then I’m pretty sure the Instax Mini is more what you’re looking for.

Jade x

HP Sprocket VS Instax Mini?

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