Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her.

I feel like V-Day is a tricky one to buy for and I’m always turning to gift guides for help when I’m stuck trying to think up present ideas for some one. So, I thought I would join in and share with you five items that I know your loved one will… well… love!

1.) Perfume

I feel like this is such a classic, go-to, Valentines Day gift… But who doesn’t love a new perfume? This is my all time favourite perfume, it smells a-m-a-z-ing! A timeless gift that definitely won’t go unappreciated.

2.) Lipstick

Another beauty product, but this one has the potential to be a little bit more of a risky purchase… I love being bought makeup, especially lipsticks. Although it may seem like a materialistic item, I think lipsticks can be quite personal if you really take the time to think about what would suit your GF. If however, you are totally lost, one of my faves is “See Sheer” which is a laaaavley pinky shade that is really glossy. OR… Sticking with the red theme of valentines day “Ruby Woo” is a really pop-y red that looks great on all skin tones allllllll year round.

3.) Jewellery

Bracelets are always a great gift to get, I actually got this one from Ruben last year for Valentines Day and I loveeeee it. Simple, dainty bracelets are my fave. I believe this one is from Brandy Melville but Lisa Angel are usually great for pretty, little bracelets and a lot of the time they have the option to personalise them and make them that little bit more special.

Earrings are also a great gift to receive as they aren’t something you always think to buy yourself, so it’s nice when someone surprises you with some. I like to go to local, smaller shops to get my earrings instead of well known, high street shops as I know the earrings there will be more unique as not everyone is going to have them, giving them that “extra special” factor.  I feel like earrings are something that are really hard to get wrong so you should be safe with this one.

Last but not least…

4.) Underwear

This bralet is from Boux Avenue and I think it is absolutely gorgeous! Any girl I’m sure would appreciate some nice underwear! Boux Avenue is my go-to place for pretty undies and it’s not overly priced like shops like Victorias Secret. Obviously you could opt for some of their adorable PJs too which range from beautiful silk shorts to cosy, fluffy trousers. They even wrap it up for you – Bonus!

Jade x

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her.

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