So the other day Mum and I were strollin’ through TK Max when I stumbled upon this beauty… A dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette… For £6.99…That’s right, you heard me… £6.99!!!! I’ve been eyeing up the Naked 3 for soooooo long now and even more so recently as I’m (heartbreakingly) coming to the end of my Naked 2. Admittedly, I’ve been avoiding making the purchase due to not wanting to part with the cash for it but when I saw this I couldn’t walk away from it, it seemed too much a perfect opportunity to leave behind. It is by Bella Pierre Cosmetics and is the XII Go Natural Palette.


Although there is an obvious lack of pinky tones in comparison to the Naked 3, you cannot argue there isn’t a strong resemblance between the colour palette. This palette is a touch darker and slightly more golden than the Naked 3, but for £6.99 beggars can’t be choosers eh? Unlike the Naked palettes where each shade is strongly pigmented, the first few shades aren’t so. This could be down to the fact that they’re matte shades and perhaps need more building because O-M-G(!!!!) the rest of the glittery shades are STUNNING. The pigmenting in them is a solid 10/10 and the colours are beautiful! I wore a combination of the colours yesterday for V-Day and they stayed on all day which is awesomeeeeeee. I 10/10 recommend you this palette, it’s brill and if you’ve been eyeing up the Naked 3 like me but not willing to pay up, defo look into getting one of these bad boys.


Jade x



I feel like V-Day is a tricky one to buy for and I’m always turning to gift guides for help when I’m stuck trying to think up present ideas for some one. So, I thought I would join in and share with you five items that I know your loved one will… well… love!

1.) Perfume


I feel like this is such a classic, go-to, Valentines Day gift… But who doesn’t love a new perfume? This is my all time favourite perfume, it smells a-m-a-z-ing! A timeless gift that definitely won’t go unappreciated.

2.) Lipstick


Another beauty product, but this one has the potential to be a little bit more of a risky purchase… I love being bought makeup, especially lipsticks. Although it may seem like a materialistic item, I think lipsticks can be quite personal if you really take the time to think about what would suit your GF. If however, you are totally lost, one of my faves is “See Sheer” which is a laaaavley pinky shade that is really glossy. OR… Sticking with the red theme of valentines day “Ruby Woo” is a really pop-y red that looks great on all skin tones allllllll year round.

3.) Jewellery


Bracelets are always a great gift to get, I actually got this one from Ruben last year for Valentines Day and I loveeeee it. Simple, dainty bracelets are my fave. I believe this one is from Brandy Melville but Lisa Angel are usually great for pretty, little bracelets and a lot of the time they have the option to personalise them and make them that little bit more special.


Earrings are also a great gift to receive as they aren’t something you always think to buy yourself, so it’s nice when someone surprises you with some. I like to go to local, smaller shops to get my earrings instead of well known, high street shops as I know the earrings there will be more unique as not everyone is going to have them, giving them that “extra special” factor.  I feel like earrings are something that are really hard to get wrong so you should be safe with this one.

Last but not least…

4.) Underwear


This bralet is from Boux Avenue and I think it is absolutely gorgeous! Any girl I’m sure would appreciate some nice underwear! Boux Avenue is my go-to place for pretty undies and it’s not overly priced like shops like Victorias Secret. Obviously you could opt for some of their adorable PJs too which range from beautiful silk shorts to cosy, fluffy trousers. They even wrap it up for you – Bonus!

Jade x



I loveloveloveeeeeee this jumper, it’s totally stolen my heart. Not only is it super cosy and warm it’s suuuuch a pretty colour too.


The sleeves are probs my favourite thing about the jumper. I am obsessed(!!!) with the chunky, ribbed knit.. I think it really makes the jumper stand out and it’s so different to any other jumper I own/have seen and I just think it’s the coolest thing.. Ever…


I think this is going to lNot my typical go-to grey number (shocker) it’s a gorgeous, vibrant, red that’s perfect for brightening up these gloomy february days…

Jade x


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I have been searching for the perfect faux leather skirt for what feels like foreverrrrrrrr now and Asos happened to have one that ticks all the boxes so of course I had to get it.

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I am in love with this skirt, it’s soooooooooo comfy! I feel like a faux leather skirt is a wardrobe must-have as it can be worn either dressed up or down.

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Today I decided to dress it up with a gingham blouse from Miss Selfridge but I think it would look great with an oversized grey tshirt or jumper as well.

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Lets talk earrings… These are my faves right now, they are from a little shop in Norwich called Boujangles which is my go-to place for earrings at the moment.

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I couldn’t not mention my trusty River Island bag. I have worn this bag nonstop for the last two years and despite recently buying two new bags I’m still having trouble parting from it…


Jade x