Let’s Talk About: Goals For 2017.


1.) Write more blog posts.

  • I mean I think I’ve been pretty good with uploading posts on a regular basis but from now on I’m going to take this more seriously and aim to write one blog post a week (or at least try to).

2.) Work out more.

  • I decided it was about time I did a little bit of exercise in order to balance what my mum likes to call my pizza addiction. I’ve found a good few workout routines on Youtube that I like to use so maybe I’ll write a post on that if thats something you’re interested in…

3.) Learn to drive!!

  • I cannot express how desperate I am to drive and how annoyed I am that I didn’t learn when I turned 17!!! This year is definitely the year for learning.

4.) Travel more.

  • This year I really want to see more of the world. After being in New York back in October I’ve been desperate to go and explore somewhere else. My new obsession where I’d like to visit next is Rome, I think the city looks so beautiful. I’d also love to go back over to America and visit my Grandad in North Carolina, my mum and I loved it there when we went in 2015.

5.) Take more photos and make more videos.

  • This is something I really enjoy doing and wish I did more of, hopefully I can incorporate this into my travelling.

And finally…

6.) Be braver.

  • I’ve spent years holding back from doing things because I’m worried about what people might say or think about me but I’ve realised that I actually don’t care. As long as I enjoy what I’m doing and I’m happy thats all that matters.


Happy new year everyone!

Jade x

Let’s Talk About: Goals For 2017.

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