New York!!


Finally, after years of dreaming I made it to New York City. Known as the city that never sleeps it’s full hustle and bustle AND I LOVE IT!

Sadly however I’m back in the UK and the NYC blues are hitting me hard, so I thought I would write a post of my highlights from the trip. Brace yourself… This is going to be a long post.


What better place to start than the food, am I right? One of my absolute favourite places we ate at was this lovely little french restaurant on the outside of the city. Of course I ordered a Nutella Crêpe and oh my god… It was possibly the best the I have ever tasted.


We went for a little walk around the area of the French restaurant before our table was ready and we passed this bakery and you’ll have to excuse the photo but can you believe the size of these cookies?!! They’re massive!


On our last night we went for a meal at Gallaghers Steak House. The amount of food that was put on our plates was ridiculous, it was enough to feed me for a week! None of us finished our meals so we got them boxed up so that we could give them to some of the homeless people. I won’t go into much detail as it is something I want to write a whole different post on but seeing so many people sleeping rough really opened my eyes and made me realise just how lucky I am.


One night we went to watch Aladdin at the Old Amsterdam Theatre. I absolutely loved this show, every aspect of it was just breathtaking. I came out of there singing a strange remix of ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Prince Ali’ wishing that I could be up there dancing along with them. The acting was brilliant, the dancing was phenomenal, the setting was absolutely amazing and don’t get me started on the magic carpet. You know how usually you can occasionally see the string holding them up? Well there was no string, they were flying… I’m sure of it. When I say I loved every aspect of it, I really did. It was magical.


Again, I want to do another post about what I bought but I just had to say the shopping was A M A Z I N G .


Central Park was so much bigger than I had first anticipated. Surrounded by trees in the middle of the concrete jungle, it’s so relaxing walking around here. We didn’t actually spend that much time here as we only had an hour before we had to go back to our hotel to leave for the airport but it is definitely something I would do again if (when) I go back.


On a more somber note, the 9/11 memorial garden was so moving. It was so surreal to think that right there is where so many people lost their lives. The site however had been done up beautifully and it was so lovely to see that there was such an uplifting place to go to respect those who died.


I loved just walking around New York, taking in the atmosphere. This police man was the typical American cop you’d expect to see in the movies so I couldn’t resist taking a sneaky picture of him!


Brooklyn Bridge was another really cool sight we saw, we didn’t actually get to walk over it though… We got a taxi instead (lol). Mum and I wanted to walk over it at night when it was all lit up but we never got round to it, something we’ll have to do next time.


On one of the really rainy days we decide we would go to the Natural History Museum. We saw all sorts of things from dinosaur bones to tribal clothing. The amount of photos we took in here was ridiculous but these are a couple of my favourites.


Possibly the funniest pictures from the trip… This naked man was in the middle of a shopping centre we went to and we couldn’t resist getting a couple of pics with it!


New York is 100% my happy place. I loved every minute of it and I feel so lucky to of been able to go, I cannot wait to go back one day.

Jade x


New York!!

Autumn Walk – Thorpe Marshes.

Ruben and I went on walk today around Thorpe Marshes and between the two of us we took some really lovely photos so I thought I would share them on here.


There were so many ducks and swans down by the river, all crowding a young family who were chucking bread into the river.


I really love these pictures  I took of Ruben.


I am so pleased with how this shot of the dragon fly turned out, I love how you can see every little detail of its wings.


What I’m wearing:

Top Topshop

Mom Jeans Topshop

Jumper Mango

Necklaces Topshop and Pandora


Rubens camera captures the all of the colours really vibrantly, I love how bright and intense they look.


It was so lovely to spend some time together doing something different going on a little adventure and exploring the marshes.

Jade x

Autumn Walk – Thorpe Marshes.