Our Little Holiday to Mallorca.

Earlier this month we went to Mallorca and stayed stayed in Cala Pi, which I have to say is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, picturesque, little places I have ever been to.


Hidden away down a hill, surrounded by trees was a gorgeous beach. As we went so early on there were hardly any tourists around, it was so lovely being able to just relax in the atmosphere without all the craziness that comes with the summer holidays. Ruben and I took the snorkels out and went for a swim to see if we could spot some fish and luckily enough we didn’t have to swim too far to find them! The fish were’t fazed by us at all and swam straight up to us, it was such an amazing experience.


Ruben and I decided to go and explore the area we were staying in and some how stumbled across this beautiful little corner of the island. It had the most amazing view looking out to sea which was just breathtaking, we ended up going here everyday just because it really was so stunning.


We went back later that night to take pictures with my Mum and her friend Emma as we couldn’t resist showing off our little discovery!


Not too far from “our spot” we found a lovely little restaurant, we had a great table where we could sit and watch the sun set whilst we ate our dinner. For dessert I had the most delicious chocolate cheesecake I think I have ever tasted – it was heavenly.


On one of the days Ruben and I decided to adventure out of our little corner of the island and head into Palma. We spent the whole day here exploring the town, looking at all the cute little shops and restaurants.


We found an art museum in the centre of the town, which had some really unique pieces of art in. In one little room there were some of Picasso’s sketches! There was also a Salvador Dali painting in there, this was Rubens favourite. It was so good to get out of the burning hot sun for a little bit and just have a wander around looking at some amazing art.


Ruben was happy as we found a street named after him. There were so many beautiful sights in just this one place.


For dinner we found a lovely little pizzeria down one of the streets. We had freshly squeezed orange juice and the yummiest pizza EVER! It was the perfect to end our adventure way to refuel for the journey back to Cala Pi.


Everyday at the beach we would see people walking along the top of the mountains but we could never work out how to get up there. On our last evening Ruben and I decided it would be silly to miss out and were determined to find our way up. After a rather steep and extremely scary hike up the mountain it all became worth it. The view was amazing. We could even see “our spot” across the water! It was such a gorgeous view, the pictures don’t nearly do it enough justice.


Our little holiday was the break we needed after a hard few months of exams and a great way to kick off the summer holidays.

Our Little Holiday to Mallorca.