Feeling Overwhelmed…

No, your eyes are not deceiving you – I have indeed written a new blog post.

You may of noticed I’ve been a bit slack atm but a break from blogging was really what I needed…

You may remember me mentioning in my last post that exams were looming very closely around the corner and I’m ngl I’ve never experienced stress on such a level that I have over the last few months. With the pressure on to stay on top of my work and revision schedule in the run up to exams I sort of lost my mojo for writing. My mind went blank and I felt like whenever I was coming up with ideas I just wasn’t happy with the content I was producing, it just didn’t feel like me. It wasn’t something I was really passionate about writing about and I didn’t want to produce something that wasn’t real. I felt fake and almost as if I was lying but at the same time I felt guilty because I didn’t want my blog die out after I’d worked so hard on it already – this just added to the pressure and in the end I was just going around in circles getting more and more stressed and eventually I realised that blogging needed to go on hold for a little while so I could focus on my exams.

After finishing my exams I feel like I’ve been non-stop. Trying to balance catching up with family and old friends as well as prom, a girls holiday to Zante and Latitude Festival I’ve not had a chance to sit down and explain where I’ve been hiding all this time.

But now I’m back for good and I have so many ideas for blog posts, so, keep your eyes peeled for more content coming this way very soon!

Until next time,

Jade x



The Elderflower Fizz Cocktail.

Summer cannot come soon enough this year… Exams are looming just around the corner and with this sudden burst of sunshine in the UK, I am in desperate need of some relaxation and cocktail luvin’… Which leads me nicely onto >this< recipe I found, perfect for any elderflower lover. We actually switched it up a tiny bit so if you wanna use the original recipe that we based ours off then click the link above, if not – enjoy!!

What you’ll need:

  • Elderflower Cordial.
  • Gin.
  • Prosecco.
  • Lemon Sorbet.

(To Garnish)

  • Raspberries.
  • Sugar.


  • First of all you need to garnish the glass with sugar and raspberries.
  • Put one scoop of lemon sorbet in each glass.
  • Pour in a shot of gin.
  • Add in a splash of elderflower – The amount you put in can depend on how strong you like your elderflower flavour, typically I’d put in just over (if not double) what I’d usually have with water.
  • Fill the rest of the glass up with Prosecco and voila!!

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Jade x

The Eyeshadow Dreams Are Made Of…

Over the last few months I’ve discovered a real love for pinky-toned eyeshadows, I’m constantly on the look out for more and I when I spotted this lil’ beauty I couldn’t resist not adding it to the collection…

This eyeshadow consists of everything you could ever dream an eyeshadow to be(!!) First of all, its weird cream/powder hybrid texture means that it’s suuuuuuuuper quick and easy to apply – which is great if (like me) you’re in a rush to get ready most mornings but wanna make it look like you’ve at least made a lil’ bit of effort with your makeup. The powder aspect of it means that it’s megaaaaaaaa long lasting and doesn’t smudge or melt off ya eyes during the day like a lot of eyeshadows do.

Last but certainly not least…The most important factor when picking an eyeshadow – The glitter factor. This is by far my fave thing about this collection of (and all) eyeshadows, they’re all ultra glittery pigments meaning that your eyes can sparkle to your hearts content… What more could a girl want?

Jade x

All About The Embroidery.

It’s finally (!!!) starting to feel like spring so of course I had to update my wardrobe and make a few cheeky lil’ orders online. The first of which is this jumpsuit that I’ve been eyeing up on ASOS for months (!!) now, impatiently waiting for it to come back into stock.

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If you’ve read my OOTD post back in December then you will know just how OBSESSED I was (kinda still am) with my New Look jumpsuit. Any chance I got I would be wearing it, I might as well of slept in it – BUT now that summer is slowly approaching I feel as though I need a more “summery” alternative, and this ticks alllllllll the right boxes.

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First of all, it feels sooooo light and comfy – perfect for a warm summers dayNot only this, but is super flattering too. This is the kinda jumpsuit that you can just throw on with a denim jacket, some tan sandals and sunnies and just have an instantly cute outfit. The only downside to this jumpsuit (and definitely something to bare in mind) is that it’s quite a sheer material and therefor you have to be – let’s say – slightly cautious with your underwear choice (lol).

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It can’t be denied that my absolute FAVE thing about this jumpsuit is the beautiful embroidery at the bottom, the stitching looks so pretty and delicate – I love it(!!). What I really like about it though is the little –pop– of colour that the red flowers add to it, making it that little bit more interesting that most of my other go-to pieces in my wardrobe.

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Jade x




Urban Jungle Adventures.

Mum and I have been dyingggggg to go to Urban Jungle for months now and with it being “Sunday fun day” and all we decided to take a spontaneous trip and see it for ourselves… I’m ngl I loved every second of it.

We decided to head to the cafe before we explored as we were both MEGA hungry. You are surrounded by soooooooo many plants, it’s a plant lovers (my) dream.

On the menu is a variety of toasties and other light snacks as well as plenty of cakes to chose from. I went for a mozzarella and pesto toastie and oh my god… It was the sh*t!!! (I’m still thinking about it now). Mum opted for mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, red onion and cheese which she said were equally delicious. We grabbed some cakes to-go but unfortunately we scoffed them before I got a chance to take a pic of them, but trust me when I say they were super yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

After refuelling we went to explore and it really was like being in heaven. There are plants everywhere (!!!) There’s so many different ones you kinda wanna take them all home with you (or never leave).

Of course I couldn’t leave without buying a plant.. or two… (ok, three to be exact). Spending an hour or two here lost in all the plants was the perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon. I can guarantee we will be returning in the very near future!!

Jade x 

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“Slutty Brownies”.

Over the last few years it’s become a tradition that when Maria and I see each other we bake cookies together and although using a packet mix may be considered cheating it’s turned into an inside joke between the two of us. Today we decided to spice it up a little and make “slutty brownies”. I’m not entirely sure why they’re called “slutty brownies” but I’ve been drooling over pictures of them online, dreaming of the day I’d finally get to make them…

(If you don’t want to cheat and use packet mix I’ll list a real recipe for them at the end of the post).

We didn’t exactly get off to the best start – If you’re going to be lazy like us and cheat then you’ll need 3 packets of the cookie mix, something that hadn’t actually occurred to us until realised we didn’t have enough to fill the pan… You’ll probably need two packets of oreos too because as you can see they were a bit on the sparse side.

The only things you’ll need for the brownie mix (aside from a few table spoons of water thats needed in both mixes) is an egg and some oil… Super easy, super quick and suuuuuuuper lazy – Love it!

Simply pour the brownie mix over the over two layers and put in in the oven for 15-25 mins… Using the packet mixes we were faced with a bit of a timing dilemma, the cookies taking 10-12 mins and the brownies 20-25 mins so we kinda just guess-timated how long to leave them in for. We thought we would make them a little more seasonal and switch it up a bit by sprinkling some mini eggs on the top too.

When we finally decided they were cooked enough and took them out of the oven we couldn’t wait any longer to cut into them so we thought it would be a good idea if I stood outside with them for 5 mins in the hope it would quicken the cooling process…

If you want crisper and somewhat neater slices than you are advised to leave them to cool for an hour, but like I said we were a tad excited about trying them and couldn’t wait any longer.

These totally lived up to expectations and were soooooooo yummy, whoever came up with this idea is an absolute genius, 100% will be making these again!!!!!

Jade x 

Here’s the initial recipe I found: http://whatsgabycooking.com/slutty-brownies/

Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Personally, I think on days like Mother’s day and Father’s day the gifts you give your parents should be on the more sentimental side. Hand making them a card and/or some art work I think is the most touching thing you can give them as it’s 100% from you. However, if you still want to treat your mama to a little something special but aren’t sure what, here are my top 3 go to gifts…


Earrings are probably one of my mums fave things to receive as a present (and mine too) so anything dangly and pretty is always a winner. Earrings are actually quite personal gifts, you’re picking out the pair you think will be loved by your mama and suit them the best judging them by the smallest of details. So when ya think about it there’s actually a whooooole load of thinking that goes into it, I know I spend ageeees picking out which earrings Mum would like the best.


Flowers are ALWAYS a winner, you can never ever go wrong with buying your mama flowers. They’re such a simple yet beautiful and mega appreciated present.


Now this one doesn’t apply to everyone but I know my mum has sooooooo much make-up (maybe a little too much) and it is everywhereeeee… I mean everywhere. So what could be better than a little organisation in her life? This makeup bag is soooo pretty, the pattern is absolutely gorgeous and I looooove it.

Jade x

Feelin’ Fruity.


Before trying these I’d never drank tea before(!!!) but now I’m ngl I’m pretty addicted… Lately I’ve been feeling really drained and tired so I thought I would try these out and see if they helped. I’m not sure if the effect is psychological or not but it’s doing something –  When drinking these I’ve noticed I’m definitely feeling less tired and more able to get on with some work which is great(!!) especially as exams are looming (not so great). The tea contains Vitamin B6, which helps the body turn food into energy as well as helping towards developing a healthy brain and body. My fave is the cranberry and elderflower one, it’s just that little bit more fruityyyyyyy than the other.


Jade x

HP Sprocket VS Instax Mini?


After hearing about the HP Sprocket I was dying to try it out and added it straight to the top of my christmas list (yes, this blogpost is a tad over-due) however I have to admit I’m not 100% convinced I love this product and I’m not sure if in fact I would of been better off buying a polaroid…


Let’s start with the positives… The printer itself is no bigger than a smartphone and is SO lightweight so is mega easy to just throw in your bag and take out with you, which is great if you don’t fancy lugging around a considerably bigger polaroid camera. Taking approximately 40 seconds to print it’s super quick and(!!!!) the pictures double up as stickers which is really cool too.



One of the main reasons I’m a fan of this printer is the fun you can have on the app editing the picture you want to print, you can choose any photos from your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr (etc, etc…or just from your camera roll. Once you’ve imported it to the app you have the option to “enhance” the image, add a variety of filters, different boarders, text and stickers to your photo. My most used feature on the app has to be the boarders, I love adding the polaroid effect and I’m ngl it’s the main reason I wanted the printer in the first place. The stickers are another really fun element of the app, there’s different text slogans, shapes, accessories and more that you can add to your photo to mix it up a bit and make it a little more silly.


Now the negatives… I was so disappointed with the quality of the photos when I first used the printer, especially after all the hype on social media I’d seen about how great it was. I’ve come to the realisation that the photos either come out ridiculously darker than they originally were OR they are unbelievably pixilated and grainy which is a massive let down. For the price you pay for the printer (£119.99) combined with the cost of the paper (£10 a pack) I’m not entirely convinced it’s worth it.


Sooooo many of my friends have the Instax Mini polaroid camera and I’m starting to regret not getting one myself… Although, unlike the Sprocket you can never be sure what the pic is gonna come out like, there is a sense of spontaneity and uniqueness about it that I really love and I feel as though it makes the picture 10x more special and meaningful to have.


The quality of the photos from the Instax is suuuuch(!!!) an improvement on the Sproket and that alone makes me almost certain that I should of got an Instax Mini instead. When looking at the cost the polaroid works out being a lot cheaper, the camera being £69.99 (from Argos) and the paper around £8-10 (pack of 10 on amazon).

I guess it depends what you want from the camera really, if you want to have fun with your pictures and add silly stickers and different boarders but aren’t worried about the quality then the HP Sprocket is definitely for you! If you aren’t so bothered about the extras and like me are just interested in good quality photos to capture your memories then I’m pretty sure the Instax Mini is more what you’re looking for.

Jade x

Gingham Obsessed…


I can’t get enough of gingham atm, I’m obsessed.. I’d even go as far as to say that gingham has the potential to be my new stripes… I know… Wowza. If you’d read my leather skirt post awhile back, you will of seen the gingham blouse I bought from Miss Selfridge which I absolutely love and ngl it’s probably my most worn item in my wardrobe right now… Sooooooooo, before people get sick of the sight of my current one I thought it was about time I invested in a second and switched it up a bit.


This one is an ASOS own brand one and it is SO comfy. Maybe not a practical choice on a windy day as you can probably tell from the (extremely) windswept photos as it blows up 24/7 (cheers Doris) BUT I can feel this is going to become a staple piece in my wardrobe throughout spring and into summer.


The top has this really lovely cut out detail on the back, I think this is a really nice way to make the top a little more interesting.


Let’s talk jewellery – I’m a big fan of the leaf/hoop combo and this is what puts these earrings in my top 5 faves. I think they’re a great alternative to your typical hoop as they’re so dainty and detailed.


While the weather is still pretty chilly I’ve been pairing this with my leather jacket from Miss Selfridge and the bag I’m using was actually my mums that she was going to get rid of (she crazyyyyyyy) but I quickly nabbed it before she had the chance… I think it’s from Topshop but I’m not 100% sure. You can’t really tell from the photo but it has a really funky chain strap that’s just makes the bag look 10x cooler. Of course I couldn’t not be wearing my converse, but I do also really love wearing this outfit with my black ankle boots to make it look a bit less casual.

Jade x

Some more gingham items I’m lusting over atm…